May 15, 2011

hayley + paul | engaged

Hayley and Paul have no shortage of energy, playfulness or love for each other; three things which made their engagement session incredibly fun and easy for me.
When I said snuggle, they snuggled. When I said give me your best fake laugh (which always leads to the real one), they laughed like crazy. When I said look hot, they delivered with flying colours. When I said please blow this confetti everywhere because I'm obsessed with glitter and sparkles right now, they were more than eager to play along.
All-in-all, Hayley and Paul were a dream to have in front of my camera, which makes me insanely excited about photographing their wedding! I have a sneaking suspicion I will end the night boogying on the dance floor with these two.
Oh, and did I mention that Hayley has a love for Fluevogs and wore not one, but two pairs of hot Fluevog boots for this session? Too bad Hayley and I don't share the same size feet or I might have had to knock her down and steal her boots when we were finished.
With their wedding just a few weeks away, I will be sharing Hayley and Paul's wedding photos soon. In the meantime, enjoy their fun personalities in these engagement photos...

Hot Fluevogs alert #1...

Hot Fluevogs alert #2...

Have a great day!

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