March 18, 2010

bailey + andrew | engaged

I'm not sure if there is a limit to how many times a photographer should say cute! during an engagement session, but if there is, I certainly exceeded the limit on this one. Bailey and Andrew oozed sweetness, fun and love throughout the entire session leaving me with nothing better to say as I looked through the lens than cute, cute, cute!
(I'm sure they were relieved when we moved into the more romantic portion of the session and I started to say gorgeous! instead.)
Of course, when Bailey suggested that balloons be involved in the photos and I showed up with a giant, pink balloon we all knew we were in for a playful - and cute - time.
You see, it's not my fault if couples bring out the cute! in me.
Anyway, before we get to all the cuteness - and gorgeousness - I first have a confession to make...
I can't take credit for this first shot above. One of my favourite photographers, Caroline Tran, did this shot once and I've always wanted to duplicate it. I wish it had been my idea, but it's still so fun - and cute - to see Andrew being carried away by a balloon.
Thanks for the inspiration Caroline!
Now, on to the fun. And oh, by the way, it was cold and raining throughout a good portion of this session. Bailey was in short sleeves and didn't complain or stop smiling for one second. Not to mention that Andrew did a great job of keeping her warm. Way to go you two! I can't wait to shoot your wedding in July. It's going to be a wonderful day.