September 13, 2011

pei pei + chad | married

Pei Pei and Chad's wedding day was everything I would wish for a couple as they start their new life together. A celebration filled with beauty, happiness, fun, excitement and affection. Everywhere I turned that day I saw the twinkling eyes of supportive friends and family filled with admiration for Pei Pei and Chad and their celebration of a love meant to be.
A few highlights from the day:
1. The bride. Who was definitely the highlight of this wedding for me (as she should be)! Pei Pei was absolutely stunning in her vintage 1920's inspired wedding dress and styling. It was plain to see that Chad shared my deep admiration for his bride's beauty too. He could not stop staring at Pei Pei all day and certainly knows what a lucky man he is to have captured the heart of a woman as smart and gorgeous as her. Which leads me to...
2. The groom. Who was as doting and in love with his bride as any groom I have ever seen (as it should be)! Chad is one of those down-to-earth, honest, sincere people who is considerate of everybody. Chad not only took care of Pei Pei all day, but the two of them were extremely kind and thoughtful towards me as well. I love attending weddings where I am made to feel like one of the family, as Chad and Pei Pei did that day for me.
3. The University Women's Club of Vancouver and Hycroft Manor. Which was one of the most beautiful venues for a wedding I have ever photographed. My work feels much more like play when I'm at a venue without a single bad angle and gorgeous light everywhere. I cannot wait to photograph another wedding there soon. In fact, if you're getting married at Hycroft Manor, send me an email today. I'll help out your budget and give you a discount on wedding day photography coverage just so I can work there again!
4. Vicki Gannon Photography. Who I was fortunate enough to have as my second photographer again. Vicki has an amazing eye and always delivers gorgeous photos on a wedding day. As I was going through her photos after the wedding, I had more than a few gasps (of wow) and major image envy because I wish I'd taken so many of her photos. Thanks Vicki!
5. Margaret Lai. Who was Pei Pei's makeup and hair stylist for the day. The bride requested her look be 1920's inspired and Margaret delivered the styling in magnificent fashion. I loved photographing Pei Pei with her hot red lips, perfect pin curl hair and birdcage veil. It was an amazing look, expertly executed by Margaret. Well done!
6. The bride's dresses. Which equaled four in total and Pei Pei looked amazing in each one. Let's play a wedding version of Where's Waldo. Can you spot all four dresses in the photos below?
7. The bride's dad. Who had the biggest smile plastered across his face all day. Other than the gorgeous bride and the handsome groom, the bride's dad is my strongest visual memory of the day. Every time I looked at him he was smiling from ear to ear. There's a shot of him near the end of this set of photos at the reception. He's laughing and smiling at something the bride's brother had just said, but trust me... that was the same look he had on his face all day. It was wonderful to see such a happy and proud dad.
8. The groom's mom. Who said one of the nicest things that has ever been said to me at a wedding. She commented to me near the end of the night that I must really love my job because every time she looked at me all day, I was smiling. It makes me feel blessed to have a job that never feels like work, but for that enjoyment to be recognized by others really makes my heart burst. I wasn't aware that I smile all the time while I am working, but I was truly grateful to find out that I do. (Or perhaps I was just looking at the bride's dad all day - his smiles were contagious!)
9. The DIY projects. Which made Pei Pei & Chad's wedding day beautiful, colourful and fun. Be sure to check "the details" section at the end of this blog post for all of the information about the borrowed, vintage, handmade and environmentally friendly DIY projects.
10. The food. Which was endless and delicious. I have never been to a Chinese wedding banquet dinner before, so it was all new to me. Course after course after course (12 in all, I think) arrived in front of me to the delight of my mouth and my stomach! The staff at Kirin Restaurant in downtown Vancouver magically kept the food coming and I happily kept eating. A big thank you to Margaret Lai and my other table mates who guided me through the whole meal.
That last highlight made me hungry, so I'm going to go eat lunch while I leave you with the photos. Enjoy!

I almost forgot to mention, Pei Pei and Chad are both competitive and accomplished fencers (which is how they met) so it was very fitting to use one of Chad's épée's for a ring shot:

The gorgeous bride!

One last peek before heading down the stairs:

There is something about this next shot by Vicki Gannon that I just love:

These next four shots by Vicki Gannon make me green with envy (I wish I'd taken them!):

Pei Pei giving me her best Top Model look... gorgeous (and you look pretty great too, Chad!):

The art deco design of the Marine Building in Vancouver was the perfect backdrop for Pei Pei's vintage 1920's styling, don't you think?
I love this next shot by Vicki Gannon:

The bride's happy dad on the right:

"Come on, eat this piece of candy Lady and the Tramp style!":

Did you find all four dresses?

Congratulations to Pei Pei and Chad. I wish you love and happiness together forever!

The details:

Bride's Dresses - (1) Vera Wang bridal sample found on the Weddingbee bulletin board, (2) a traditional chinese qipao that Pei Pei had made while visiting China over a decade ago, (3) a modern qipao from Fine Chinese Clothing, and (4) Pei Pei's mother's wedding qipao from the 60's
Bride's Shoes - Fifi by Filippa Scott bought from myglassslipper.com, vintage shoes from the 40s, and a pair of Nine West
Bride's Jewellery - Various vintage items from Pei Pei's mom and aunt, as well as newer gifts over the years from family
Bride's Birdcage Veil - DIY project - Half a meter of French veiling from Fabricana tea-dyed to ivory and pinned up with...
Bride's Headpiece/Jewellery - ... a sparkly hair comb her sister-in-law found in Taiwan
Bridesmaid's Dresses - Fine Chinese Clothing
Bride's Hair & Makeup - Margaret Lai
Bride's - Engagement ring - Chad's conceptual design with the jeweler at Po Kwong Jewellers
Bride & Groom's Wedding bands - Ravens' Refuge on etsy.com - by jeweler, Dan Palmer
Groom/Groomsmen Attire - Benetton
Stationery/Invitations - DIY project - Traditional Chinese paper cuts found on eBay and glued on to cards designed and printed at En Masse Media, an environmentally friendly & green printing service
Bouquets/Boutonnieres - DIY project - the Bride's stepmom hand wired and tied the floral parts and everything was put together with the help of other crafty house guests the night before the wedding
Wedding Cake - Yan Bakery
Ceremony Venue - The University Women's Club of Vancouver and Hycroft Manor
Reception Venue - Kirin Restaurant Downtown