June 20, 2010

farah | mehndi party

When bride-to-be Farah asked me if I would photograph her Mehndi Party, I really didn't know what to expect because I'd never been to one before. I obviously knew what Mehndi was, but I'd never seen it done and really didn't know much about the tradition of Mehndi. I did know one thing, that it would be interesting to experience and certainly beautiful to photograph, so I was excited to be there with my camera!
The whole evening did not disappoint. Farah's Mehndi artist, Hasna, was lighting fast with her syringe of henna and created the most beautiful and intricate design all over Farah's arms, hands and feet. I was amazed by the incredible detail that went into her work - and Hasna was especially talented at copying a design from a photograph that Farah had been dreaming of for her wedding day since she was a teenager. It was such a delight to see Farah's dream come true and as you'll see from the photos Farah was delighted too.
Stay tuned for Farah's wedding day photos with her new husband Mike in the next post.
Contact Farah's Mehndi artist, Hasna, by visiting her website at hasnasmehndi.com.

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  1. missed your work, c! these are gorgeous. your eye for the finer details are extraordinary. beautiful photography :)


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