July 3, 2009

give me a ring

Hello and welcome!

My name is Carolyn Egerszegi and this is my photography blog. I live in North Vancouver and I work as a wedding, engagement and portrait photographer in the Greater Vancouver area. I'd love to hear from you with questions about pretty much anything relating to photography. I love what I do and could literally talk about it all day.

If you're afraid to call me because of my crazy Hungarian last name - don't worry - there was a time when even I didn't know how to say it. Really! Egerszegi is my married name and it's Hungarian (in case you're wondering). It's pronounced egg-air-say-ghee. Hope that helps.

You can also get to know me a little better by reading THIS post About Me.

Whether you're intersted in booking me for a couples portrait session or would like a customize quote for wedding photography, please contact me on my website, HERE.

Thanks for visiting and now let me give you a ring:

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