April 5, 2012

nina + jeff | married

Last fall I had the great fortune of working with my friend Vicki Gannon as a second photographer for Nina and Jeff's beautiful wedding at Aberthau Mansion.

While going through the photos trying to decide what to post here, I thought, rather than posting tons of photos detailing every aspect of the wedding, I would highlight two things in particular and talk about them in this post.

1. Vendors
The first thing I want to mention is vendor selection. Choosing the right vendors can be a daunting task, which is why getting good recommendations can really save couples a lot of stress in the wedding planning process.
When couples hire me as their photographer, they're not just getting an experienced professional to document their wedding day, they are also hiring someone who loves weddings and enjoys helping couples with other planning details. As a photographer, I see many wedding days from beginning to end and know when couples get great service or products from a vendor, so I strive to be a valuable resource for couples as they plan their wedding by providing my advice and guidance about vendors.
In the case of Nina and Jeff, they also sought the assistance of their photographer Vicki, when choosing their florist. Jane at Budget Blooms did a magnificent job of bringing Nina's vision for her wedding day to life as you will see from all the photos here!

2. Speeches
If you are planning your wedding and trying to find ways to streamline your wedding day timeline, please do not cut out speeches at the reception!
While some couples may think that speeches at the reception are outdated, boring or silly, I believe speeches provide some of the funniest or the most emotional moments at any wedding. There is a not a single wedding I have been to where there wasn't at least one speech that had me laughing through tears.
As you'll see from the photos below, there were more than a few speeches at Nina and Jeff's wedding that had everybody in stictches. So, whatever you do, be sure to include speeches in your wedding reception plans. You will not regret it!

Thanks for the opportunity to photograph alongside you Vicki. I had a wonderful day!

Enjoy the photos below. Lots of gorgeous flowers, some great laughs and a few other beautiful moments from the day for good measure...

I love the anticipation in this next photo...

Here comes the bride!

Flowers, flowers, gorgeous flowers everywhere!

I love Jeff's simple, elegant orchid boutonniere. Check out the lovely pearl detailing on the stem. Nice!

And now for some great laughs!

Congratulations to Nina and Jeff. I wish you all the best in your life together!

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