April 4, 2012

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I read a post today on Facebook which said something along the lines of "don't let your kids grow up to be JPEGs".

In it, the writer talked about a generation of photos woefully stuck on computers and discs instead of being printed and displayed lovingly in our homes. They encouraged everybody to get their photos out of the digital realm and into the real world.

I feel exactly the same way and that's why I love producing beautiful keepsake books for my clients. I believe our memories should surround us in our homes and therefore deserve to be displayed and enjoyed every day in books and in prints.

This lovely imagewrap hardcover book is from Hayley and Paul's engagement session. I designed it for them ages ago, but never got around to posting in on my blog, but today's Facebook post prompted me to get it done.

If you have photos hidden away on your computer, now is the time to get them printed and displayed in your home or crafted into a lovely keepsake book. If you don't know how, email me and I'll give you some tips for getting it done yourself, or, ask about my reasonable rates for designing a gorgeous book for you.

Whatever you choose, stop staring at JPGs and start enjoying your memories!

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